Costomers more benefits of cost savings.SFII-Pro is using the latest raw materials and five layer co-extrusion manufacturing techniques that improve the essential performance of silage film. Additional length allows users to produce more bales per reel with fewer reels changes.


SFII-Elite silage film has been putted into market for almost 20 years. BENEPAK® SFII-Elite protects a variety of forage crops in millions of bales in almost fifty countries. BENEPAK® SFII-Elite is a better choice for customers who look for the product of high cling, strength and reliability in a balewrap.

Stretch film

Benepak provide various products of Stretch film, such as hand wrap, machine wrap, bandle & extended core, color wrap, and thinner to 9 micron Benepak Supreme hand wrap. We also tailor-make special stretch films, such as UV stabilized film, width 40 to 2100mm film, thickness 9 to 100 micron film. These tailor-made films often include various special measures and additives.

Hand wrap

Cast or blown co-extruded film provide Competitive price with good properties Optimal levels of cling

Bandle and Extended core

Narrow to 2” (50mm) width film Usually 3” and 5” width available, Wound on 1-1/4” cores with 5” extended application handles. No dispensers are required

Color wrap

Normally we provide black, blue, white films, also other colors such as green, red, yellow ect. film according customer’s demand.

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Benepak Packaging Co., ltd is one of the biggest and most experienced producers of agricultural films in China.  Benepak ® Silage Film is used to conserve and store crop nutrients and to minimise losses from harvesting until feeding by stretch wrapping around baled silage, maintaining the airtight environment to preserve crop’s value...

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