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Benepak Silage Wrap

Benepak is one of China's biggest and most experienced producers of agricultural films. Quality is our first guarantee. By using the best resins and the best process control , (to ensure ) Benepak silage wrap works easily and wraps securely to protect the silage at least 12 months. 


Excellent UV resistance to ensure 12 months outdoor storage.

Outstanding cling level to provide an airtight seal when wrapping.

Superior stretch to ensure the film suitable for round and square bales

High quality maintains consistent performance during and after wrapping


SILAGE WRAP creates an airtight seal that enables outdoor storage with no reduction in protein level

Reflective white film adheres and stretches around round bales creating an air-tight tension seal for 12 months of outdoor storage and fermentation. Key advantages: reflection of heat reducing heat build-up, a tough strength which lasts for a complete season, thereby reducing costs of storage compared to the use of trench silos, bags or silo storage. Results in a high level of protein in wrapped bales and eliminates the need for indoor storage while keeping bales virtually spoilage free.

They are high-quality stretch films for use on both grass silage and haylage. Our wraps have secured a strong position in the market and are appreciated by farmers and contractors alike for their excellent properties. The stretch film is tough, economical and sticky. Its high tensile strength enables airtight packaging and secure fodder storage. It is easy to use and guarantees a better ensilage result.


o High level of UV stabilizer prevents film degradation

o Formulated for higher strength

o High puncture resistance

o Offers an airtight and weatherproof shield

o Successfully used on round or big square bale wrappers

o Developed over 20 years ago

o Performs well in both cool and wet months of spring and hot and dry summer months.

o All-round stretch and greater elasticity give tightly wrapped bales for lasting protection.

o Power Co-ex uses only the finest raw materials to ensure consistent quality every time, on every roll.

o Extra strength helps prevent punctures and tears.

o Strong tack seals in forage quality.

o Weatherproof and UV-stabilised against harmful sunlight.

o Can be used with all types of balewrappers. 


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Benepak Packaging Co., ltd is one of the biggest and most experienced producers of agricultural films in China.  Benepak ® Silage Film is used to conserve and store crop nutrients and to minimise losses from harvesting until feeding by stretch wrapping around baled silage, maintaining the airtight environment to preserve crop’s value...



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